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NFC Tags for facility Management companies

property key management
New Zealand’s Facilities Management market has seen an increase in procurement of integrated FM services in recent years, but there are still many areas that this industry can improve by using trusted technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC tags).NFC tags enable facility management companies and maintenance service providers to verify services rendered by contractor or check for proof of presence from maintenance companies or even security teams. Through Trusted® tags you can track personnel and the time they spent at each specific location; your personnel or contractors can upload photos of their services or issues, write comments and service notes for you to view at any stage of service, anywhere in the world, thanks to MyTAG’s cloud-based asset tracking solution.

Tracking keys and assets

Facility managers can track any portable assets including keys, equipment, bicycles or any other asset that needs to be logged when taken and logged back when returned. Property key management is one of the main uses of NFC tags since losing a key is not just about the key itself, the trouble and cost of changing all the locks, redistributing the new keys and securing the place all add up to a huge cost to property managers and facility managers every year. NFC tags not only make a business more efficient but they also reduce cost of doing business or as we say “they make businesses operate smarter, safer and more efficiently”.We have prepared a quick whitepaper about benefits of NFC tags for facility management companies which you can find below.Download Your Guide