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How prepayment management systems help businesses

prepayment management system

In recent years there has been plethora of news around prepayment systems and prepayment methods; from prepayment energy and water to prepayment for facility usage. Prepayment system have advantage over postpaid counterpart in that they allow customers to budget and monitor the usage in advance. Prepaid solutions allow businesses to collect the money in advance, and therefore more companies and industries are taking advantage of them. As a provider of prepayment management systems in New Zealand, we thought to list some of the industries we work with. Get in touch with us if you want to discuss your organization’s prepayment needs.  

Prepayment for Waste Management (Pay As You Throw)

Pay as you throw (PAYT) is not a new concept but it has revolutionised waste management. PAYT has show to be reducing waste significantly by allowing customers to pay for only what they throw away and make them become more conscious of the impact recycling has on their budgeting. Our prepayment management system for waste management is designed specifically handle rubbish collection using RFID tag on rubbish bins. To know more get in touch with here today.

Prepayment for sports facilities and sports courts

A common problem among sport facility operators is to manage usage while facilities are unattended. The cost of staffing is too expensive and does is not justified, therefore prepayment methods are being employed for usage. A tennis court can use prepayment management, using NFC tags, users can open doors, turn on lights and use the facilities for specific time allotted to them. Club members can top-up their accounts online or at the location. A prepayment management solution allows facility managers to collect the money in advance, make sure they receive the revenue when the facility is used and ensure 100% occupancy of the facilities.

Prepayment management for camp and park facilities

If you are into camping and have been around, you should know that every campsite has a different way of charging for facility usage such as hot showers, BBQ areas, boat and carwash and laundry. One of the solutions we offer is a prepayment management system that allows campsites to offer all the facilities on a prepaid basis and reduce dependency on coins and staff operated systems. Prepayment allows for collection of fees in advance which is crucial in an industry like tourism because of the nature of the business.

Prepayment and gift cards

Gift cards are technically prepaid cards. Research shows those who hold a gift card in the store, usually spend 35% more than the value of the gift card. A gift card management system allows you to issue prepaid gift cards to be purchased online or in the retail store and drive return visitors to your store. Although gift cards are proven to be lucrative but there needs to be a solid strategy and plan behind it. We work with you to work out the proper strategy, angle and approach in issuing, distribution and redemption of gift cards.