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Loyalty Program Software

A loyalty program software that seamlessly improves customer loyalty

It is a proven fact that customers spend significantly more when they join a loyalty program that is tailored to their needs. Over the past 20 years, we have been working with small and big businesses and identified the troubles and hassles that companies go through to get their customer loyalty program set up. New equipment, apps and software aside, setting up a rewards program was costly and time consuming. Boink Hub ® is a customer loyalty program software developed with having both customers and the business in mind; a complete out of the box reward program to set up easily with minimal cost that offers enterprise level solution to any size organization.

Loyalty programMinimum set-up and running costs

There is no need to invest in anything else, everything is handled by your eftpos terminal, POS system or even website. Boink’s loyalty program was built to connect to any POS system effortlessly through our APIs, and if you have an older system we can connect it through to your FTPOS terminal to swipe loyalty cards without needing new equipment. Our web-based loyalty program software gives you full control over your cardholder activity and provides an easy and user-friendly interface for customers to check their balance, points and credits.

An end-to-end solution, from loyalty program software to physical cards and tags

Authenticate group offer a complete end-to-end solutions for loyalty management, you do not need to rely on any other company to supply bits and pieces of your loyalty program system. We can supply you the cards, print them for you or even provide you the card printer so you can print yourself on and connect all of it to Boink Hub®.

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Effective and lucrative loyalty program software

Reward your loyal customers through our state of the art rewards program, Boink Hub®. Set up is easy, hassle free and low cost. Whether you want a rewards point system or discount based scheme, you can define your reward scheme anyway it benefits your business and start collecting points.
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loyalty program
loyalty program

Get new customers with gift cards

We understand the struggle of attracting new customers and keeping current customers happy.
Gift cards are well requested for birthdays, holidays or special events and through Boink Hub ® you can set up a gift card in no time and redeem using your POS system or FTPOS terminal.
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Keep your customers and current systems

We can import your current customer list or current loyalty points* to our system, reducing the time and cost for you to advertise and market your new rewards program. You do not need new equipment* to enable the use of loyalty program, we connect to your current POS system, website or FTPOS terminal and you are good to go. Boink Hub® uses the APIs to connect to any system you have in place and reduces your launch costs. If you have an older system or a slow internet connectivity and require a loyalty program software that is offline, check out our other system called Quidz.

loyalty program
loyalty program

Learn more about your business with a customer loyalty program

A loyalty system is not just a reward program to issue some points and forget about them, it offers much more than that. The data you gather from your customers’ behaviour, your product items and product lines as well as purchase patters give you the knowledge you need to understand your customers better, offer the reward where beneficial to you and keep your customers coming back. Our comprehensive reporting system is an easy to use platform that provides all reports you need from your rewards program and transactions, you can also print receipts right from there.

Turn your customers loyal and keep them happy with minimum cost and effort.