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Prepayment Management System

Prepayment system, prepaid card management and gift cards

Prepayment system and prepaid card system are solutions we have been working on for the past five years and together with loyalty management system we can now manage prepayment and prepaid cards for your business. Prepayment is a solution that is catching on in every industry, from tourism, food and beverage to ticketing and transportation. By the use of prepaid cards you can manage your inventory, minimize loss and improve profit.
Whether a big business or a startup or somewhere in between Boink’s trusted prepaid card solution can help you manage your payments efficiently, run promotions and provide incentives. Your prepaid card is a branded solution with fantastic reporting and tracking capabilities that also gives you plethora of information to analyze and understand your customers better.

prepayment systemRedeem Prepaid and Gift cards through EFTPOS, POS or Ecommerce

Gift cards are part of prepaid card solution, our prepayment solution allows your business to issue gift cards across your business and use different platforms to redeem the cards.

Our prepayment system enables your business to process payments through your EFTPOS terminal, POS system or even E-commerce platform. Gift cards issued at your store or online can be redeemed in the store, across multiple stores, online or even on the phone if that is what you need.

Prepaid card features and benefits

End-to-end solution
At Authenticate Group, we offer an end to end solution, from physical cards to prepaid cards software.
Reload and top-up prepaid cards
With the use of our APIs your customers can simply pay online or top up their prepaid cards easily.
In-built Loyalty Management System
Customers are now looking for reasons to stay loyal to a business, we have built loyalty management into Boinkhub. So you do not need any other system to manage your loyalty program.
Gift Cards and returning customers
Issue Gift cards as part of your product range. Gift cards help to attract new customers and improve your revenue.
Exceptional customer service
Don't take it from us, take it from our happy customers. Over 20 years of service in New Zealand, we are always one phone call away.
Manage all your cards in one place
Managing thousands of customers’ cards will never be a nightmare in Boink Hub. Get all the reports and information in one pace.

Prepayment system for service providers

If you collect payments periodically and you need to collect payment prior to rendering services, a prepaid card or prepayment system is for you. Boink® simply holds the credit amount of the top-up and you hold on to the cash; before the service is provided Boink® sends you the available balance and after the service is finished we deduct the amount from the balance. These prepayment solution applies to many different industries, from waste management industry to tourism and campsite. You might also be interested to know what is Pay as you throw (PAYT).

For instance if you are conducting testing and compliance services for multiple clients; and customers are supposed to pay periodically then a prepayment system is the solution for you. We set up a simple online payment solution for your clients to see their balance, top-up their accounts and see all transactions in real-time. Give us a call today to discuss the solution for your business.

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Prepaid gift card system

Research shows gift cards increase total purchase amount by over 30%; gift cards offer an incentive for customers to purchase more beside the fact that you collect the payment before the purchase occurs. To make it as seamless as possible we have built our system to connect with your EFTPOS terminal, so you can simply swipe gift cards through your machine and you do not need to invest in any other machinery. If you prefer to use your POS system or enable customers to use your online shop to redeem the gift cards, we offer our complete set of APIs. Simply connect to our APIs, and all your gift cards are being taken care of.
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prepaid card system

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