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Prepayment for Waste Management

Prepaid System for Waste Management (Pay as you throw)

RFID has made its way through waste management (rubbish collection in particular) industry in recent years, RFID offers secure identification and traceability of bins; waste management companies can track containers (rubbish bins) and verify service using this technology. Thanks to Boink®, RFID tags on the bins are utilized as the prepaid token, allowing a secure identification, balance enquiry and payment. Boink® allows advance collection of funds and alleviates the uncertainties of credit and rubbish collection. The concept of pay as you throw has been floating around among local government agencies and waste management organizations, it is only with the use of proper prepayment management system that we can achieve this goal efficiently. Below we explain how Boink® can provide the missing link.

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prepaid systemPay as you throw, just got easier with automated prepaid system

Unit-pricing or pay as you throw showed incredible results around the world and we are committed to support this initiative in New Zealand with our smarts and years of experience in RFID and prepayment. Boink® is our prepayment management system designed specifically for waste management industry to allow automated prepayment management using the RDIF tags already fitted to the bins. Flat rates and direct debit processes have multiple shortcomings for both the customer as well as the waste management company, shortcomings that Boink® resolves with advanced collection of funds. Boink® keeps a constant balance of the customer account and therefore does not result in customer bank account overdraft or collection of waste without payment.

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Secure and Flexible Prepaid System (Pay as You Throw)

Connectivity with any truck software or waste management system
Using our state-of-the-art APIs, Boink® connects to any third-party software / system, allowing it to send and receive data for live updates. With minimal development, your truck drivers know which bin to pick-up and which bins do not have enough balance. Start the process today and get in touch with us for more information.
Convenience and ease of mind for customers
Boink® is a cloud-based prepayment management system, therefore it securely holds all transaction details for each account (property) and therefore allows customers to see their transactions, top-ups and lifts, providing an unparallel transparency to customers that did not exist before.
How customers add funds to their accounts?
We provide multiple methods for top-up including a very simple online payment method. Using a unique ID (account number or property ID) customers can use the online payment method and add funds to their accounts using their credit cards. It is important to cater to a wide range of customers, if your customers are not using an online payment method, we simply provide you with an administrative page only visible to you to be able to manually ad funds for customers over the phone or manually over the counter. Get in touch with us for more information.
Where does the money go?
At Authenticate we are interested in managing your money, on the contrary we want you to have 100% control over your own money. When a customer adds funds through online means or over the counter, the money goes to an allocated merchant account for your organization. Boink® receives the information at the time of successful payment and manages the data.

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